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ERM LibGuide

Creating a Macro

While in LibAnswers select "Admin" and choose "Macros" from the drop down menu.  Click on "Create a Macro" and fill in the following details: 

  • Action Type 

  • Title  

  • Queue (this tells which queue the Macro can be used in) 

  • Message 

  • Set Status To 

  • Tag Ticket with 

After filling out all the information, click Save and your Macro will be ready for use.   

Tagging Tickets

LibAnswers allows the use of Tags to prioritize tickets, like we did in LibTrack.  Tagging tickets will not only allow us to organize our queues but will also allow for basic stats with regard to the questions that arrive in our queue.  You are welcome to create your own Tags for personal projects and personal tickets, but please use the below terminology when these situations arise: 

  • Alma ERM Project - things to be done in Alma (most moved from Voyager) 

  • Alumni - for all alumni submitted tickets 

  • Acq-ERM - tickets coming from Acq asking ERM to do something  

  • Article Freely Available - Grace’s tickets when Article on Demand articles are freely available 

  • Bound Journal Move - Pat - I assume this is a tag you set up for some of your tickets? 

  • Bound Journal Storage - same as above 

  • COVID-19 Offers - offers from publishers for COVID-19 

  • eBook Activation – NOA emails that we receive from GOBI, Catherine, Acq, etc. 

  • eBook Ordering – emails that Catherine sends to order eBooks.  Also, we can tag the NOA's with this tag as well.   

  • ERM Projects - projects for ERM but not in Alma 

  • Library Faculty Inquiries - when our colleagues submit tickets asking for things related to their subject areas (journals, databases, etc.) 

  • Online Access Trouble - Users had trouble accessing online content 

  • Proxy - for proxy issues 

  • SciFinder Login Inquiry - campus users asking for a SciFinder Login 

Ticket Status

  • New – set to this status when tickets have not been replied to 
  • Open – set to this status when you need to reply to the requester 
  • Pending – set to this status when you are waiting for a reply from the requester 
  • Closed – set to this status when there is no further communication expected 

Changing the Requestor of Ticket

  • Click the "i" next to the Asked By Name (see picture below) 




  • Then click on the box to the right (see picture below) 


  • In the "Asked By" Field – change the name to the desired requestor 

  • In the "Email" Field – update the email to the new requestor.