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A guide to researching and writing history at Wheaton College.

Library Search

Library Search allows you to search across a wide array of books, articles, and other sources in Buswell Library and in libraries around the world.

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar (GS)
Google Scholar is a very helpful search tool for exploring issues within a topic. The "cited by" link indicates how many subsequent works cited this one and offers some guidance as to what articles are most important.

Tip! Connect Google Scholar with Buswell Library
Changing the settings in Google Scholar to include a "Find it @ Wheaton" link will give you access to full text resources that Buswell subscribes to and give you access when you are off campus.

Search by Source

One of the things that is important to remember when doing historical research, is that your search strategy will (and should) change depending upon the types of resources for which you are searching.