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New Faculty

Help navigating the Library for new and continuing faculty members of Wheaton College.

The library offers a number of ways to embed library instruction into your courses. The following information covers the options most commonly used by Wheaton College faculty. Wheaton Library participates in the Christ at the Core general education curriculum at Wheaton College through the library's information literacy program.

More information about our information literacy curriculum can be found at Information Literacy in Christ at the Core.

Embedded Instruction

Subject librarians are happy to work alongside you to integrate information literacy instruction into your class. Subject librarians are available to:

  • Provide in-class or online course instruction for your students.
  • Provide assignment-specific instruction or assistance.
  • Help in creating or revising assignments to help ensure the library can meet student needs.
  • Creating custom online tutorials or course guides for your specific course.
  • Providing research consultations for your students.

Many faculty add a version of following statement to their syllabus:

For in-depth help, please contact one of our librarians directly via email or schedule a one-on-one research consultation conducted in-person, over the phone, or online at 


Wheaton College Library offers a variety of workshops around various topics throughout the year to help students upgrade their research or library skills.