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Library Search Guide

FAQ - Basic Information

I've heard that Library Search is a "discovery layer." What is a discovery layer?

Technically, a discovery layer is a searchable meta-index of library resources that retrieves resources through linking technology. That means that a discovery layer works a bit like Google in searching across all library resources (articles, books, library catalogs, etc.) and provides a means of retrieving those resources for the user. This is in contrast to a traditional library catalog that only searches the items inside it and nothing else. 

FAQs - Account Information

Will I need to create a new account in the new system?‚Äč 

  • No. Your account will automatically be created and populated with the items you have checked out. 

I have saved lists of items in my account in the current Library Catalog.  What will happen to these? 

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to move these over to the new search tools system. The new system will have a "pin to favorites" feature which will allow you to recreate and add new items to reading lists.

FAQs - Searching

I use the search box on the Wheaton College Library home page.  Will that still be available?

  • Yes. You will still be able to use the search box on the the Library's home page to search across many of our physical and electronic resources at once.   

How will this new search tools system impact the speed of searches?

  • The new system will return search results more quickly.

Will I still be able to search the library catalog?

  • You will still be able to search the library catalog for physical and electronic holdings, as you do now.

Will I still be able to search specific databases?