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Library Search Guide

Boolean Operators and Logic

By using Boolean operators and parentheses you can construct specific queries in both the Simple and Advanced search boxes.  When using two or more operators, add parentheses to specify the precedence of your intended terms and avoid unexpected results.  When you enter multiple terms without operators, AND is assumed for the query.  

  • Sophocles AND (antigone OR oedipus rex)
  • (spanish OR  castilian) NOT catalan

Boolean operators should be used in all caps to avoid searching them as part of phrases. See Primo VE help documentation for example searches that group terms within a query. 

Exact Phrases and Wildcards

To search for exact phrases or terms, enclose them in quotation marks. 

  • "liberal arts"
  • "Social Media"

You can include wildcard characters in your search terms.

* - An asterisk can represent one or more characters.  Example:  deliberat* will retrieve "deliberate", "deliberately", etc.  The asterisk also works as a left-side wildcard:  *active will also retrieve "hyperactive", "inactive", etc.  

? - A question mark stands in for a single character at the beginning, end, or within a query string.  More than one ? can be inserted.  Example:  m?n will retrieve both "man" and "men".