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Qualitative Research Tools and Resources

Research tools that can be used for qualitative research

What is Taguette?

Taguette is a free and open source tool for qualitative research. You can import your research data, highlight and tag/code your data, and export the results, both the coded segments and your code book.

  • Taguette runs in your browser and can be installed on your local computer (MAC, Windows, Linux) or used as a cloud-based application. 

  • Taguette is easy to use.  Just upload your research data, highlight and add tags/codes, just as you would with highlighters and printed paper.

  • When you are done, you can export both your code book and the highlighted/coded data for individual codes. 

Don't want to install a program on your computer or need to collaborate?

  • Register to use the free online app, where you have the option to work individually or collaborate with others.