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Qualitative Research Tools and Resources

Research tools that can be used for qualitative research

What is QDA Miner Lite?

QDA Miner Lite is a free easy-to-use version of a popular qualitative research software package.  It can be used for the analysis of textual data such as interviews, open-ended responses, transcripts, field notes, etc. as well as the analysis of still images.

  • Import documents from a variety of formats including Word, HTML, PDF, plain text, CSV, and Excel.
  • Intuitive coding using codes organized in a tree structure.
  • Add comments or memos to coded segments.
  • Text search tool for retrieving and coding text segments
  • Coding frequency analysis
  • Export tables to Excel, Word, or CSV.

QDA Miner Lite is a free and easy-to-use version of our popular computer assisted qualitative analysis software.  It can be used for the analysis of textual data such as interview and news transcripts, open-ended responses, etc. as well as for the analysis of still images. - See more at:


Video contains an index to go directly to a topic.

Step-by-step instructions for using QDA Miner Lite

  1.  Download and install the software to your computer from the Provalis web site.  QDA Miner Lite is PC based software.  For MAC users Provalis has tested several solutions.
    • I have tested and found Winebottler works and creates a MAC app-bundle to run this software on a MAC.
  2. Begin your project by creating a new project from existing documents
  3. Add variables from an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Variables correspond to quantitative data about different cases.  They can include information such as gender, age, ethnicity, location, etc. 
    • Variables can also be added manually from the menu bar.
  4. Code your data.
  5. Analyze your data by...
  6. You can export data to be used in other programs such as Excel and SPSS

Complete list of short video tutorials for both Lite and full version

QDA Miner Manual

Running QDA Miner on a MAC without running a virtual machine

For additional information about creating an app using paid products like Crossover or a virtual machine: