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New Grad Student Guide to the Library: Home


This Guide's For You!

Some important set-up information for using the library -

For additional information, visit the Library web site:

About borrowing books...

  • Wheaton uses 2 systems to borrow books from other libraries:
    1. I-Share - Illinois libraries only and the first choice to borrow a book. You need to set up an I-Share account.
    2. ILLiad - libraries worldwide, and should be utilized only if you cannot find an available copy in I-Share. Learn more...

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Search library FAQs

Text: 630.426.3432
Phone: 630.752.5169

Graduate Research

Library Resources and Support 

Resource guides specific to many of our graduate academic programs have been created by subject librarians. Visit your program resource guide linked below which also contains the contact information of the subject librarian.  Subject librarians are available for research consultation by appointment or you can drop by their offices. 

Dr. Terry Huttenlock 

Professor Gregory Morrison 

Professor Christa Strickler 

  • Higher Education and Student Development

Professor Steve Oberg 

  • Evangelism and Leadership
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Ministry and Leadership
  • Missional Church Movements
  • Outdoor and Adventure Leadership

Library Services

Services that might be of particular interest to you: