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Psychology and Counseling

Provides print and electronic resources for those researching in the fields of Psychology and Counseling.

Online Resources

Please check the information about Buswell services that are available as well as links to resources that have been made available from some of our vendors.  COVID-19 - Library Response

Starting places...

For topics in Psychology & Counseling...


If you're looking for an overview or background information with suggestions for further reading then

try the Handbook of Psychology or the Sage Handbook of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology

More recommended reference works.

If you're looking for books or ebooks then

search the Library Catalog or search PsycBOOKS for ebook versions of books published by the APA.  Ebooks published by Springer can also be found searching in SpingerLink.

If you're looking for journal articles then

start with PsycINFO. If your topic involves Christianity or theology try ATLA Religion as well.

If you have a citation and need to find the full article then

use Citation Search to search across all full text resources and if needed place an ILLiad request.

If you have questions, or need help then

email Dr. Huttenlock