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Searching Buswell Library's collections

When searching for scores or recordings in Buswell Library's collections, go to the library search on the web page, and enter words that describe the piece of music. The most useful words for searching are the composer's last name, opus number, index number, instrumentation, or distinctive words from the title (for instance, "mozart concertos k 456" or "verdi donna mobile"). Once the results appear, look to the right for "Tweak your results" (or the funnel icon on mobile devices), choose "Resource Type" then "Scores" or "Audio". This limits your search results to the desired format. 

When searching for information about a composer, individual piece of music, or a musical topic, do the same as above: enter words about the composer, piece, or topic.  If you are searching for information about a composer or piece, you may find it useful to limit the results. Look to the right for "Tweak your results" (or the funnel icon on mobile devices), choose "Resource Type" then "Articles" or "Books".  This will screen out any scores or recordings by the composer that the search retrieves. 

Try it in search box below:

Searching for scores and recordings from web sites

Searching for journal articles

The Library Search above provides access to many journal articles in music.  But for a thorough search of journal articles in music, it is best to search for articles in the following journal indexes. 

RILM Abstracts covers music history and theory/analysis in depth; Music Index covers all aspects of music; ERIC covers music education and pedagogy. Some of the articles you find will have links to the full text of the article, and some must be ordered from other libraries via ILLIAD.  JSTOR is an online archive of full-text journals in all subject areas, but it is easy to search its contents for music topics.