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Applied Health Science

The more you know...

Knowing basics about your topic is helpful before you begin researching.

  • If you don't have any background information, try using reference sources or search the internet.
  • Think of other keywords or synonyms to use in searches.
  • If you find one article or book, but need more, consult the bibliography for sources.
  • Many databases have a find more like this link in the articles, use it to see more articles related to your topic.

Use Web of Science to Explore a Topic

Since science builds on the research of others, Web of Science is a great tool for exploring a topic.  Here are a few tips to help.

  1. Start with a broad search.
  2. Use system features to search within your results and narrow (by subject, publication type, authors, etc.). 
  3. Use the search history to return to repeat a previous search.
  4. Use the  times cited  to trace research forward.  Who has used this research to build their own research?
  5. Look at the cited references to trace research backwards.  What research did this researcher think was important?
  6. Use related records to find related research based on shared citations.  Who is doing similar research?