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This section describes how faculty, staff, and students may use works on posters or signs to be displayed publicly. 

Follow the steps given in section 5 of this guide, “When Copyright Permission Is Needed.”

Sample Scenario

Q:  Can I include on my poster an image I found on the internet? 

A:  Probably, but it would be better to use an image that provides explicit permission for such uses. 

Fair Use analysis:

Purpose Favorable or unfavorable. Your use is educational (more favorable) or entertainment or general interest (less favorable). If you are advertising a commercial service, your use is less favorable.
Nature Favorable or unfavorable. The image has low artistic value (more favorable) or high artistic value / creativity (less favorable).
Amount Unfavorable. You are using the whole image.
Effect Moderately favorable. You are making the work publicly accessible, but only for a limited time. Your use of the image likely will not replace sale of the work or significantly impair the market or potential market for the work.