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This section applies to the inclusion of copyrighted works or parts of works into course packs created by and sold to students through the Campus Store.

For questions about the need for creating a course pack or the copyright status of a particular work, please contact Steve Oberg, x5852, 

Note: The application of Fair Use to the provision of course readings is a highly contested area of copyright law. The following policy is based upon an extensive lay review of existing case law, opinions published by lawyers, and the official positions of such parties as the Association of American Universities, Association of Research Libraries, Association of American University Presses, and Association of American Publishers.

  1. The Campus Store will duplicate book chapters, journal articles, and other documents for inclusion in course packs. 
  2. The Campus Store will obtain copyright permission for each item included in a course pack. Any permission fees will be passed on to the buyer of the course pack.
  3. Course packs are not intended to substitute for the purchase of books or other materials readily available on the market at a fair price. In particular, no copies of works considered “consumable,” such as workbooks and test booklets, may be included in course packs.
  4. Each work or part of a work that is included in the course pack must include a notice of copyright, or in the absence of a notice, a warning that the material may be protected by copyright. Please see chapter 13 of this guide, “Copyright Notices and Warnings.”