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BITH 211: Commentaries

Bible Commentaries - Search Tips, Non-Western authors


  • Searching Bible commentaries
    • Looking for a Matthew commentary? Use bible commentaries matthew (as subject or keywords) in your Library Search of books in the library.
    • Limit your results to ebooks by clicking "Available online" in the left column of filtering options.
    • Sort results by "newest first" to ensure more recent scholarship.
  • Locate other forms of biblical scholarship (e.g. monographs, edited volumes) on your book by adding "interpretation" or "criticism" in place of "commentaries"
  • Looking for scholarship by people of color? Try some form of the following search strategy:
    • Library Search strategy: (africa* OR india* OR asia* OR global) AND bible commentaries (cut and paste this string into the search box below and modify it if desired)
    • Available Bible commentaries in Spanish representing a Latin America perspective (Note: a few of these are simply Spanish translations of western commentators; it's clear by the name in most cases)


The specialized commentaries below represent biblical commentary from the early church and Reformation periods. 

OT Commentary Series

Regarding the commentary series below:

  • Those identified as Introductory are the most approachable for those researching a subject in the Old Testament for the first time. 
  • Technical commentaries can benefit all levels of students, but assume knowledge of the biblical languages and advanced methodologies (e.g., historical-, source-, form-criticism).
  • The series title in each case is hyperlinked. Clicking on the titles will generate a list of commentaries in that series. You can then add to the search box the name of the particular book of the Bible you want.

Subject Guide

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