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Integrating Faith and Learning


The core software programs generating these bibliographies are Zotero and Tablesorter. Tablesorter is described as “a jQuery plug-in [that] can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.” Tablesorter and BibBase offer alternative solutions for publishing bibliographies to the web. BibBase is very simple to use and requires no coding or programming knowledge. Tablesorter, in contrast, exists as open-source code that one can fork from GitHub and customize, which is what we did at Wheaton, and named it “BibTable.” We offer the code for BibTable to anyone who wants to use it. 


  • Published Faculty F&L Papers - Papers published to date with links to the full text.
  • Survey of the Literature - A broad survey of the published literature on integration from the 1930s to the present,
  • Integrative Journals - Looking for a journal to publish your paper? These are journals that welcome integrative scholarship. Includes links to the journal website. Recent articles are indexed in the "Survey" index (see above).
  • Faculty F&L Paper Archive - Index of papers (no full text) written since the Faith and Learning Program began in 1969. This list is sortable by academic department.