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Guide to the Curriculum Collection

Curr 372.6 Language Arts / Teaching writing and literacy  (general and middle school)
Curr 807 Teaching literature
Curr 808 Teaching writing / rhetoric
Curr 809 Teaching literature (specific authors and themes)
Curr E-LA Middle School reading and literacy
Curr E-RE Middle School literature, writing, and some literacy textbooks (shelved with elementary curriculum)
Curr S-LA High school writing and grammar textbooks
Curr S-LI High school literature anthologies and textbooks


Young Adult Literature Awards:

Curr S-FL1 French textbooks
Curr S-FL6 Spanish textbooks
Curr 372.7 Math teaching methods and guidebooks (includes general and middle school specific)
Curr 500-519s Contains general math guidebooks and some specific to middle school
Curr E-MA Middle school textbooks (shelved with elementary math curriculum)
Curr S-MA High school textbooks


Curr 520s Astronomy & Science (includes general and some specific to middle school)
Curr 530s Physics & Science (includes general and some specific to middle school)
Curr 540s Chemistry & Science (includes general and some specific to middle school)
Curr 550s Earth sciences & Science (includes general and some specific to middle school)
Curr 570 - 590s Life & biological sciences  (includes general and some specific to middle and high school)
Curr 620s Engineering
Curr E-SC Middle school science textbooks (shelved with elementary textbooks and curriculum)
Curr S-SC High school science textbooks



Curr 300 - 330s Contains some books on teaching topics in social studies, such as economics, citizenship, and civil rights; many are geared toward elementary school, but some are sources for any age
Curr 372.8s Contains some books about teaching social studies to middle schoolers
Curr 900s Topics in social studies, history, and geography
Curr E-SO Middle school textbooks social studies (shelved with elementary curriculum)
Curr S-SO High school social studies textbooks
Curr Ref Reference books for students, such as encyclopedias 


Faculty-recommended resources:


Curr 600-610s Health, nutrition, body guidebooks
Curr 700s Art, music, and drama (general education)
Curr E-HE2 Middle school health textbooks
Curr S-HE2 High school health textbooks
Curr S-HE5 First aid