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Guide to the Curriculum Collection

Curr 372.4 Phonics, reading, and vocabulary
Curr 372.6 Language Arts / Teaching writing and literacy  (general, middle school, and elementary school)
Curr-AV Literacy assessment kits (on the AV shelf across from Curr)
Curr E-LA Elementary spelling textbooks, writing textbooks, and curriculum kits
Curr E-RE Reading, phonics, and literacy textbooks and curriculum kits
Curr E-RE3 Readers, including readers in languages other than English
Curr Oversize Classroom-sized (large) readers in fiction and nonfiction
Juv Check out the Children's and YA Literature tab for the award-winning children's books that are found in the Children's and Young Adult Collection


Literacy programs / kits

Resources in languages other than English:

Curr 372.7 Math teaching methods and guidebooks
Curr 500-519s General math guidebooks and teaching methods with some specific to elementary school
Curr E-MA Elementary Math textbooks (includes curriculum kits & manipulatives)
Juv Search for children's books related to math 



Curr 372.3 Elementary and middle school science teaching guidebooks
Curr 520s Astronomy
Curr 530s Physics
Curr 540s Chemistry
Curr 550s Earth sciences, geology, weather
Curr 590s Animal science
Curr 610s Health Sciences
Curr-AV Science manipulatives & kits (located across from CURR)
Curr E-SC Elementary science textbooks
Curr E-SC3 Elementary science readers
Curr Ref Reference sources for children, including encyclopedias

The children's collection has many fiction and non-fiction books with science-related themes.

Search the catalog for topics, like "biology," and limit your location to the Children's and Young Adult collection. Here is a sample search for general science books. 


Curr Ref Reference sources for children, such as encyclopedias and information about people groups
Curr 300 - 330s Topics related to teaching social studies, such as economics, citizenship, and civil rights 
Curr 372.8 General teaching with some books about teaching social studies 
Curr E-SO Elementary textbooks and curriculum
Curr E-SO N213 & E-SO P317 Elementary social studies readers


Other resources in the collection:


Curr 372.86 Physical education
Curr 372.87 Music
Curr 700s Art, music, and drama
Curr E-AR Art textbooks/curriculum