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Educational Technology


  • Edutopia—Looking for innovation in education. This foundation is at the forefront of discussions. Find a wealth of information including videos, blogs, and articles on the latest tools for educators.
  • EdSurge—EdSurge strives to " report on the people, ideas and technologies that shape the future of learning."  You will find a community-driven database of edtech products and articles.
  • ISTE—As the largest tech education organization, ISTE is committed to gathering information about technology for educators. It requires membership to get full access, but the education blogs are free.
  • The Innovative Educator—Lisa NielsenThe Innovative Educator, was named one of the top 100 influential voices in education and hosts an award-winning blog. 
  • EdTech Roundup—Published since 2013, this blog was created to help educators with the challenges of technology integration. The blog includes news, reviews, lessons, app ideas, and more.
  • FreeTech4Teachers—Richard Byrne, a former social studies teacher, runs this blog "to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms." 
  • Cycles of Learning—Ramsey Musallam, a featured speaker on TED Talks, runs this blog "to create inquiry-based learning environments fueled by student curiosity and exploration." 
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything—Kathy Schrock, an educational technologist, provides access to  In her own articles and a list of her own recommended education blogs. 

The Innovative Educator

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