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Resource Lists

Using Resource Lists

Accessing Resource Lists

You can access Resource Lists in two ways:

  1. Access Resources Lists through a Canvas course (this option is best to create a list for a particular course that is live in Canvas):

Picture of resource lists link in Canvas

2. Access directly through this link:

  • Use your Wheaton NetID and Password to log in from the menu in the top-right corner. Click Guest and then Login:

When Accessing Resource Lists From Canvas

Click Create It to start a resource list for that course. This is the most efficient way to create a resource list if the course is live in Canvas. 

You are now ready to organize the list into sections. 

When Accessing Resource Lists via Direct Link

1.   After logging in, click the menu in the upper-left hand corner:

2.   Then click Lists:

3.   Click, New List

4.   Enter a title for the list, and click Create.

5.   Click Default for the template. 

If you would like to associate the list with a course, click Associate List and look for the course number/section. If the list will not be associated with one course, or if the course is not yet available in Canvas, click Not Yet. You can associate the list with a course at a later time. 

You are now ready to organize the list into sections. 

Creating Sections for Your Resource Lists

You can organize your Reading List into sections, such as units, weeks, themes, etc. To set up sections:

  1. Click Add Section.
  2. Add the title of the section and any other helpful settings.
  3. Click Create. 

  1. Repeat for each section.

Once your have set up all of your sections, you are ready to add resources to the list. 

Adding Resources to Your List

Add resources to sections by clicking the Add Items+ button on the right.

This will open a right menu where you have four options for adding resources:

  • Library Search allows you to search library resources. You can add links to electronic resources; print resources may be put on course reserve. More information below. 
  • Collection allows you to pull in resources from previous lists and collections on Resource Lists.
  • Upload a file allows you to upload your own files.
  • Blank Form allows you to upload links to any kind of website: Journals, YouTube videos, and many more formats. More information below. 

Using Library Search 

  • Use the Library Search just as you would search on the Library Website

  • Advanced Search offers more search options.

  • In most cases, limiting your search to Library Catalog will be most efficient in finding links to Library resources or for putting Library resources on reserve. Items held by I-Share libraries cannot be put on reserve (though students can request them). 

When you find the record for a resource, select it. Use the drop-down menu to select which unit/module of your list you would like to add it to. [Note: You also have the option to just copy the record to the clipboard or add it to a suggestion list.]

If you would like to add the record as-is, click Add. 

If you would like to add more details to the record for your students, click Add & Edit.  A menu will appear on which you can add a note to students about the reading, a due date for the reading, dates of availability, or you can upload a file to accompany the reading.

Click Save. 


Using Blank Form for Links  

  1. Click Blank Form.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu for Type, and select the format that the link will direct users to. 

  1. Now, a box for the URL will appear. Add the URL. Add relevant details about the link (title, author, etc.) or the assignment (note to students, due date, etc.). Sometimes, Resource Lists will be able to pull data from the link, or you may need to enter the data (title, author, etc.) manually.
  2. Use the Selection box at the bottom of the menu to choose which section of the list you want to add the resource to:

Adding Resources Using Cite It!

Cite It! is a bookmarklet that enables you to add resources from any webpage to a Resource List with a single click.

To install Cite It!, log into Resource Lists, click on your initials, and then click Cite It! from the menu. A short video will show you how to add Cite It! to your bookmarks bar.

To use Cite It!, you must be logged into Resource Lists. While browsing the web, simply click the Cite It! button. A menu will appear, allowing you to input details about the resource, choose the appropriate Resource List, and save it to your resources.


Putting Items on Reserve

When adding digital resources, such as Ebooks and article links, they are automatically completed. 

**Important: When a record links to a printed copy of a book or DVD or other physical resource, the item will go on reserve for the entire semester unless a digital copy is available or unless otherwise noted. Reserves are defaulted to a two-hour period with one renewal; faculty can request a three-day period in the Library Discussion field. 

You can make notes to the Library pertaining to the whole list or specific items. Just click ... at the top of the list or for a specific item, and the Library Discussion field will appear.


If a list includes a link to an item that the library does not own, you can use the library discussion field to request the item. The request will go to your Subject Librarian who will evaluate the purchase, prioritizing digital copies of books unless otherwise noted. 

Completing the List

A list is completed by submitting it to the library for review (the review pertains to reserve material) and publishing it for students to see. If the list is not already associated with a course, that step must be completed for the list to show up within the course in Canvas. 

Submit List to Library

When you're finished with a list, submit it to the library for review. Ebooks and links are automatically completed. 

Remember: When a record links to a printed copy of a book, the item will go on reserve unless a digital copy is available or unless otherwise noted.

You can make notes to the library for the whole list of specific items. Just click ... at the top of the list or for a specific item, and the Library Discussion field will appear.


When your list is complete, publish it by clicking the "Publish List" button. This Is necessary for the reading list to be visible by students in Canvas. You should see a green checkmark box show up saying that it was successfully published


Associate List with a Course

If you have not associated your list with a course, it is important that you do that for the list to be visible to students in Canvas under the Resource List tab. 

To associate the list with a course, click the three dot menu when you are in a list, and then click Manage Course Associations.

On the next screen, search for your course. Courses will not show up until they are available in Canvas. 

Editing a List

You can edit your list by editing individual item properties or editing the list by rearranging items or moving them up or down on the list. 

To edit an item: Click on the resource on the list, and then click the Options menu next the item title [...]. Click Edit

To edit a list: Click the Options menu next the title of the list [...]. Click Edit. 

To move items on a list: Use the scrollbar in the item record:

To move an item to a new section: Click the Options menu [...] next to the item title and click Move Citation.

To rearrange sections: Click the section menu on the list, then use the scrollbar to move sections up or down.