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Article Galaxy Scholar

Article Galaxy Scholar Frequently Asked Questions

What is Article Galaxy Scholar?

  • Article Galaxy Scholar is a service that the Library recently implemented to provides campus users with the ability to access journal articles the Library does not have access to. Article Galaxy Scholar will replace our current token and pay-per-view system currently in place.  Users receive these articles rapidly and the service is available 24/7.


How do I access Article Galaxy Scholar?

  • When you come across an article from a journal that the Library does not subscribe to, in Library Search a link will be generated that will say “Get Article through Article Galaxy Scholar”. When you click the “Find It” link in any of the databases that the Library subscribes to or the “Find it @ Wheaton” link from Google Scholar, you will be brought to the article in Library Search that offers the Article Galaxy Scholar option. You do not need an Article Galaxy Scholar account to request an article, just enter your Wheaton email address and hit the submit button.


Can it be used for all journal articles?

  • Currently, Article Galaxy Scholar is set up to allow purchase for all Sage, Wiley and Elsevier published articles that the Library does not have access to.


Where will my article come from?

  • PDF copy of the article
    • If the article is available from Article Galaxy Scholar, then you will receive a PDF copy of the article via email. 
  • An open-access version of the article
    • If Article Galaxy Scholar detects that an open-access version of the article is available, you will be directed to where that is available.
  • An interlibrary loan request
    • If the journal has not been turned on for the Article Galaxy Scholar service and if there are no open-access options available, then you will be directed to the Library's ILLiad form with most of the metadata fields already populated by data from Article Galaxy Scholar.


How long will it take to receive my article order?

  • You should receive your article within 24 hours or less.


How long do I have to download my journal article once I receive it?

  • Once you are emailed your article link, you will have 30 days to download the content. **It should be noted that you may only download the article once, so please make sure to save the article to your personal device to ensure future use.


Is there a limit on how many articles I can order?

  • You can utilize Article Galaxy Scholar up to 10 times a semester.  After you reach your limit you will be automatically routed to ILLiad to fulfill the article request.  


Who should I contact if I run into a problem, or have questions, about Article Galaxy Scholar?