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ENGL: Shakespeare

Starting places: Handbooks, companions, and journals

Companions and Handbooks are helpful in better understanding the text or context of Shakespeare. They can be a good entry point when trying to narrow down a topic or learn more about a particular play. You can also browse journals as you think about topics concerning Shakespeare. 

Searching the catalog

Searching the catalog for information related to Shakespeare will likely yield too many results. It is best to have a more narrow topic or work on which you want to focus as you begin your searches. In addition, use the filters on the left of your search results screen to limit your results. For example, you may only want to limit your results to books or books chapters (found under resources). 

There are a few starting strategies to using the catalog depending on your topic.

If you are searching for criticism of a particular play, try:

If you want to explore a theme or topic within Shakespeare's works, try: 

If you would like to look for sources of textual criticism of Shakespeare, try:

Searching literary databases

A catalog search will yield some articles, but the library has access to many more articles and resources than appear in the catalog search. To get access to these resources, you need to use literary databases. Here are some databases/resources that may be helpful in accessing citations and articles about Shakespeare.