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PSYC 269 - Experimental Psychology

Provides an examination of the research methods of psychology and the philosophy behind their use, as well as opportunities to apply these skills in research.

Pre-Library Session Assignment

Take this tutorial to learn the basics of PsycINFO.

Psychology Databases

Using PsycINFO Thesaurus

Citation Searching

Citation search allows you to follow the research conversation.

  • Look at the references in the back of an article explore the research that informed this paper. This includes, for example, previous research studies, or theory papers.
  • Use a database that does forward citation chaining.  This allows you to see if a paper that you have has been used by other researchers to inform future research.
    • Search by title in Google Scholar where you will find a "cited by" link.

The paper written in 2001 has cited papers published in 1999 and 1952.  Two papers, one written in 2005 and the other written in 2012 have felt the 2001 paper was important and have included it in their writing.  The citation for the 2001 paper will appear in the references.


How to read a scholarly article

Other resources

Reference managers

  • Use Zotero to collect and organize your citations. 
  • Use Zotero's "write and cite" plugin to Microsoft Word to easily format your in-text citations and bibliography. 

Visit the Zotero libguide for instructions.