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NEUR 241 - Foundations of Neuroscience

Why citation searching?

Citation searching is important because it allows you to trace research on a topic over time.  It allows you to enter into the "scholarly conversation" about a topic.

  • Use the references in the back of an article to look at research that informs the research of an article in-hand.
  • Use a citation database such as the Web of Science or the "cited by" link in Google Scholar to find research that was informed by the research of an article in-hand.

In Web of Science:

  • use the  times cited  to trace research forward.  

Who has used this research to build their own research?

  • look at the cited references to trace research backwards.  

What research did this researcher think was important?

  • select related records to find related research based on shared citations.  

Who is doing similar research?