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IR 175 - International Politics (McKoy)

A guide to resources on religious persecution around the world.


Find Books


Search Tips

  1. To find books on the political history of a country, copy the following search string and paste it into the search box, then edit your country name.
    • su:[country name] politics and government
  2. Make sure to leave su: at the beginning. That ensures you're entering a subject search, not a keyword search, and will make the results more specific.
  3. Narrow the results by date to find more recent sources.


Article Searching Tips

  1. When using Political Science Complete to find articles, try using one of the following terms as a subject search:
    • Freedom of religion
    • Church & state
    • Religion & state
  2. Then add your country name as a keyword:


Don't limit yourself to the NGOs and research centers in this list, as they are only a small sample. Try finding some on your own as well.