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AHS 101 - Wellness

How do I start...

It is easy to create a video.

1. Create a storyboard.

Create a storyboard to show the images/animation you want to use and the script you want to speak.

2. Create your video using PowerPoint or Key Note in a few easy steps.

"I hope you find this guide helpful. Please contact me if you need help."  Dr. Terry Huttenlock

  Email Dr. Huttenlock  Office: Buswell 152  

How to create a video

Create a video from PowerPoint or Keynote slides in a few simple steps. 

  1. Design your video/presentation using a "storyboard." 
  2. Create your presentation.  Include slide transitions and animation.
  3. Record your presentation. 
    1. All you need is the software (PowerPoint or Keynote) and a build-in or external microphone.  Recording from the beginning is the easiest since it also sets the slide timing.
  4. Save/export to a video file. 

Learn how...

  • LinkedIn Learning playlists of short video tutorials showing how to add audio and create videos.  There are also links to basic courses if you have never used PowerPoint or Keynote.  When asked to log in - select "Work or School account" and use your email login and password.

Prezi is used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs such as PowerPoint.  You design a Prezi using a large canvas rather than slides and you have the ability to zoom and pan as you present information.

Learn Prezi from LinkedIn Learning

How to make your video using Prezi

  1. Create a Prezi
  2. Convert it to a video using Quick-Time (screen capture software).  Just record your computer screen while you are presenting your Prezi. 
  3. Use iMove to add voice-over.

Step-by-Step Instructions: How do I make a Prezi presentation a video and do a voice-over?  From the Knowledge Base of the Middlebury Institute

How to use iMove

Create videos using free or already installed software


For PC


iPad Apps

Free software you can use for editing multimedia

Audio Editors

Photo Editors

Video Editors

Music Editor/Creation

Doodling or Simple Picture Editing

Special Effects

  • SuperLame - online - add speech bubbles to your photos


Story Board Templates

You can use everyday software such as Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe to create templates for your story board.