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Subject Librarian Community: Core Journals

Journal Rankings

Journal Title Status Change - Core/Non-Core

The Collections Team made decisions on how to move journal subscriptions between core and non-core status at the May 2017 meeting.

This process is only for status changes of current titles. To add a brand new title or to drop a title, requests should be made through the add / drop form for review by the CT each fall and spring.

Moving a title from one status to another does not require Collections Team approval. Acquisitions will research and implement these requests at the earliest possible point in the normal subscription renewal process.

Journal subscriptions, are generally on a 12-month cycle, with most starting either July or Jan. Generally, requests should be submitted by June 1 for the following January cycle or by December 1 for the following July cycle. Actual implementation dates will depend on the individual circumstances for each title.

Process – Subject Librarians input

By the 1st of each month, Subject Librarians (SL) add entries on this google worksheet for any current journal that needs its status changed between the two options: core and non-core.

This worksheet has two tabs, one for each type of status change:

  1. Non-Core to Core
  2. Core to Non-Core

For all titles, SLs should enter

  • date added to list
  • SL name
  • journal title
  • journal ISSN
  • rationale for change

Process – Acquisitions review and implementation

By the 15th of each month, Acquisitions will review the entries and update this worksheet with

  • Fund (subject area) for current subscription
  • Expire date of current commitment
  • Current format
  • Current license terms, if applicable (ex. post-cancellation rights, back file access)

Subject Librarians can view these planned changes to stay informed on implementation date.

After the status change is made, Acquisitions will update the worksheet with

  • Start date of new subscription (or note no change)
  • New format
  • New license terms, if applicable
  • New bib, if applicable (for Cataloging)
  • New PO, if applicable (for Cataloging)

Process – Cataloging access and record keeping implementation

After the status change is made, E-Resources will update the Core Journal master list, CORAL if applicable, and all Cataloging touchpoints.

Email from Connie, 7/21/2017

Identifying Key Journals in a Field

To identify an association for a particular discipline:

  • Do a search in your browser for your discipline and the words "society" or "association."
  • Look for associations that have been in existance for a long time, as most of the primary/umbrella associations have been (e.g., American Anthropology Association, founded 1902, American Sociological Association, founded 1905, American Psychological Association, founded 1892). You can usually find this information under the "About" section of their websites.
  • Journals published by associations are usually in a "Publications" section of the website, though are sometimes also located in the "About" section.