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Technology for Teaching, Learning, and Research


Many of you may be familiar with Vimeo and Jing, but here is another tool that you can also use for creating quick tutorials. 


It is just so easy to make and post screen casts.  Here is one that is created to show you how to flip an image in Powerpoint.

Not only can instructors use this to create content, students can use this for projects and presentations.  Here is a student presentation on Chick-fil-A

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create a screen cast.

"Remixing" Content

Mozilla Popcorn Maker

Have you ever wanted to create an instructional elementl from a slide show or video that allowed you to add comments, callouts, and additional information.  You can with Popcorn Maker. 

For a overview on its development and philosophy, watch this TED talk.

Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, has created this tool for "remixing" content, free and hosted online.  There is no software to download.   It is part of the developments at Mozilla Labs

Check out some created projects and see just how engaging and effectively information can be presented when "remixing" content.

I have just started experimenting with this tool.  Take a look at my first project about "community spaces" at the Seattle Public Library using Flikr photos as the base for the project.

This tool could be used by instructors to create content but also by students for projects and presentations.

Digital Projects


I presentation tool I like to use is Prezi.  I have used it to define an overarching concept and then focus in on the specifics, showing the detail in context.  Although you could do this with Powerpoint with repeating a slide Prezi produces web-based content which is easier to embed in web pages, blog posts, etc.

Students have told me that Prezi presentationa are more engaging and interactive than Powerpoint.  There are a lot of features in Powerpoint that can make it interactive and engaging ( ),but maybe the non-linear aspect of Prezi that makes it easier to develop interactive content.

A few sample Prezis I have created.

Writing good research questions:

Scientific literature searching: Under the microscope:

Prezi technique and tool:

Subject Guide

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