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Technology for Teaching, Learning, and Research



Need to create an online quiz, formative, or summative assessment?

Try HotPotatoes!

Create matching, jumbled-sentece, multiple choice with feedback, crossword, short answer, and fill-in quizes that can be embedded in a web page.  The ability to include immediate feedback in some of the exercises can help learners learn from their mistakes. 

This tool is great for creating review and self-assessment exercises, but it can also be used to create regular multiple-choice tests where the student can only pick one answer.  Lots of examples and tutorials are available on the web site from sites that are using HotPotatoes.

You will need to download this program to your PC (on a MAC you need to either use Wine or create a virtual Windows machine).

Ready Made Content

Information Literacy Tutorials

Do your students have a research assignment and you are wondering how to teach information literacy, searching, and evaluating information sources...visit ANTS the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project and find open source tutorials created by librarians that you can use in your course. 

Since you are not able to arrange a face-to-face session with a librarian the next best thing is to use an interactive tutorial.  These tutorials can be embedded in your course either directly or give you a URL from which content is streamed.

Give your students the library skills they need online.

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