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Technology for Teaching, Learning, and Research

Table of Contents

Synchronous communication


  • Do you want to facilitate a real-time asynchronous online meeting or class session?
  • Assign a group project where students meet online or collaborate online with students at another university? 
  • Tired of sending a dozen emails back and forth to set a meeting time?
  • Tired of multiple mailing lists, contact books, phone-chains and incompatibilities and want one place to go to communicate with students, colleagues, family and friends?
  • Want a platform that is simple and easy to use?

Check out Wiggio. 

"Wiggio is the easiest and free way to work in groups."

Asynchronous Communication


Do your students find it hard to follow discussion threads and find the interface of your LMS unintuitive?  Piazza is an online platform that provides a Q&A environment along with key features for effective course collaboration.  The developer has tried to model the face-to-face discussions between students and instructors by displaying updates as soon as they happen.  The platform also has tools like wiki-style editing and instructor feedback.

Check out the web site to see real classes in action and the user friendly interface design.  This is a great tool to foster online collaboration and discussions in your course.

Subject Guide

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