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BITH 213 (McCaulley): Commentaries

Choosing a commentary

Commentaries series in Buswell

Below are hyperlinked titles of several important commentary series. Simply click on the title to see what's available from that series in our library. Use the "Title" facet in the right column to find the bible book you want. NOTE: some series have not published a commentary on every book in the Bible.


  • locate commentaries by searching the word "commentaries" and the name of the bible book, e.g. "jonah."
  • locate other scholarly titles (monographs) on your book by adding "interpretation" or "criticism" in place of "commentaries"
  • Looking for a non-western commentary? Try some form of the following search strategy:
    • (africa* OR india* OR asia* OR global OR world) AND bible commentaries 
    • Available Bible commentaries in Spanish representing a Latin America perspective