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Live Polling with Poll Everywhere

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Useful Tips

--Know which devices are appropriate: Students can answer any text-based questions via text messaging. For more interactive polls (clicking on an image, rearranging text, etc.), students will need to use the web-based version of the poll.

--If you have more than 40 students: Responses are cut off for higher-ed accounts at 40 students. To make sure that each student gets a chance to interact with the poll, have the students work in pairs so you don't go over the 40-respondent limit. 

--Modify the settings for your poll questions: On the left-hand side of the poll-question screen, you can set your preferences. For example, you may want to make answers anonymous to encourage more authentic responses in some cases. Also, consider whether you want to limit students to one response or allow them to change their responses based on discussion. 


--Prep your students for polling: Consider emailing or posting the link to your poll on Schoology to make it easy for students to find your poll. You can also include one of the following slides at the beginning of your presentation so students are ready to go when class starts. If you use one of the slides, be sure to update the red text with your Poll Everywhere address.

--Clear responses when polling is complete: If you plan on reusing a poll in another class, be sure to go back into the poll when you are done presenting and clear the responses. If you do not do this, then the responses will show up the next time you open the poll. Also, the old responses will count toward your 40-response limit. To clear the responses, check the boxes next to the questions that you want to clear. You can use the Clear button or the Delete button to clear your results. If you use Clear, the site will suggest that it is going to save the results, but this feature is only available with a paid account. Instead, if you want to save the results, go into the polls and take screen shots before clearing them.