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AHS 361 - Integrative Physiology

About this page...

This page contains answers to questions asked on the AHS 361 library survey.  If you have any questions or would like an orientation to library resources, just as at the Information Desk in the library.  There is research help between 9am-10pm Monday - Friday and from 1pm-5pm on Saturday. Just ask!  We are happy to help.

You can also contact a subject librarian to make an appointment.  The subject librarian for Applied Health Science is Dr. Terry Huttenlock.

Questions and Answers

  • How do I use Zotero to keep track of my research, create a bibliography, and learn to use it better?

  • Why are books considered reliable when anyone can write them?

    • As with any information source, you need to evaluate the validity of the source.  For books you would look at the same elements as an article or web site.  Use the CRAAP test questions to evaluate currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose.
      • Currency.  Is the information dated?  What is considered dated also depends on your topic.
      • Relevance.  Is it relevant to my topic?
      • Authority.  The author's credentials.  Is he/she qualified to write on the subject? Is the book published by an academic/scholarly press? 
      • Accuracy. Are there spelling errors or inaccurate information?
      • Purpose.  Is the tone of the work show bias or intent to persuade?
  • What resources are available for conducting our group/individual parts of the research process?

    • Creating a group in Zotero is a great way to share articles and information.  Many students use Google Docs and Google Sheets to collaborate.  You can now use Zotero within Google Docs.
  • How do I do a better job of using human resources in the library to help me with my projects?

    • Stop at the information desk and ask for research help or contact a subject librarian to make an appointment.  They are happy to help!  Just ask!
  • What are the journals that Wheaton College library has access to that are most applicable to Applied Health Sciences?

    • Buswell Library has access to many journals that are applicable to Applied Health Sciences.  Articles that are not available can be requested through ILLiad.  You can see if the library has a specific journal by using the Journal Finder.
  • How do I know what information is “common knowledge” and/or not unique to an article and in what case must it be cited?

  • How can I tell if a source was peer reviewed or not?

    • In some databases, you can limit your search to peer-reviewed sources.
    • Look at the journal itself or their online website, look at the editorial statement or instructions to authors  for references to the peer-review process.