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AHS 271 - Research Methods


For detailed information about how to use Zotero for saving citations and using write and cite, visit the Zotero page.

Using Zotero as a group project tool

Zotero is a great tool to manage citations. It can also help organize information and facilitate collaboration when working on a group project.

  • Collect citations into group folder(s) that can be viewed by all members of the group
  • Use tags and notes to share information and insights to facilitate writing and collaboration

Don't have Zotero installed?  Follow these instructions in the Quick Guide

How to...

Adding and sharing citations when working in a group

  1. Set your Zotero preferences to sync automatically with your account.
    1.   Preferences -> Sync
      1. Enter your account username and password
      2. Check “sync automatically” and “sync full-text content.”
      3. File sharing settings:

       Fine Syncing

  1. Save or “drag and drop” citations into your group folder.
  2. Tag each citation in the folder with your name if you want to know who added the citation.

You can store all your citations and full text PDF files in Zotero and share them with your group.  You can also organize your citations by tagging or creating different collections/folders.

Tagging adds a search term to an entry.  You can search on a tag to display a group of article with the same tag.  Suggested tags:

  • Tag each article you add to Zotero with your name
  • Tag articles with the major themes you identify. 
    • Look at current tags before adding a new one.  Consistency is important.  Avoid adding multiple tags that are a variant spellings, acronyms, singular/plural, etc.

Creating theme folders is another way to group articles that have a specific theme.

  • "Drag and drop" articles into folder(s)
  • Articles can be put in more than one folder

Organize your research with Zotero  - quick reference guide to organizing your research in Zotero

How to use Zotero with Google Docs - Use Google Docs to collaborate while writing and use Zotero to create correct in-text citations and bibliography.

When you collect and organize your references/citations with Zotero, you can then use Zotero to format your bibliography and a Zotero Word plugin to "cite while you write." 

  • Need a specific citation style such as the one for the JAMA?
    • Go to Zotero Preferences ->  Cite -> Styles. 
    • Click the "Get additional styles" link to search the 7000+ styles that are available.
    • Click on the style and follow the installation instructions.
  • How to Creae Bibliographies
    • NOTE:  If you create a bibliography within Zotero (not using the Word plug-in), you may need to "transpose" the case of the citation titles if your citation style requires that only the initial word in the title be capitalized.  (When viewing the citation detail in Zotero, mouse-over the title and right-click, select Transpose Text -> Sentence Case)
  • How to Write and Cite
    • Write and Cite works best with Microsoft Word.  If you do not have Word, current students, faculty, and staff can install Office 365 through a no cost subscription, which includes Word.  Instructions for installing Office 365.

Zotero Workflow

Subject Guide

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