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BIO 252 - Modeling Systems of Life

Things to Consider

I don't know what to research!

Choosing a research topic is often the hardest part of doing research.  Start by asking yourself:

  • What have I found interesting in class discussions?
  • Is there anything in a class reading that is of interest?
  • Is there anything in class I am curious about?

Picking your topic IS research

Use Web of Science to Explore a Topic

Since science builds on the research of others, Web of Science is a great tool for exploring a topic.  Here are a few tips to help.

  • Start with a broad search.
  • Use system features to search within your results or narrow (by subject, publication type, authors, etc.). 
  • Use the search history to return to repeat a previous search.
  • Use the  times cited  to trace research forward.  Who has used this research to build their own research?
  • Look at the cited references to trace research backwards.  What research did this researcher think was important?
  • Use related records to find related research based on shared citations.  Who is doing similar research?

Remember - searching is an iterative process.