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Buswell Delivery Service

This guide explains how our library provided remote service and library-owned materials to our campus students, staff, and faculty when the library was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have questions, please email

Processing Items to be Picked Up

What We’re Doing

Students, staff, and faculty may request items that are part of Wheaton’s collection to be picked up in the inner vestibule at Buswell Library.  These requests are for circulating items which are checked out to the patrons as part of processing. This request-type enables Wheaton borrowers to obtain books without access to the stacks and other people.

How We’re Doing It

  1. Students, staff, and faculty members fill out the online form and submit their physical item pickup request.
  2. Requests are exported daily from the form submissions and processed by remote staff to Excel.
  3. A mail merge of Excel data with a request-slip template is used to generate and print one request/retrieval slip per request.
  4. Once request slips are printed, the requested items are retrieved. Faculty requests for courses are prioritized.
  5. Staff  check the books out to the patron(s) and desensitize them.
    1. The request slip is tucked inside.
    2. Another mail merge creates a label that is stuck on the front of the item.
  6. Staff package each book and write the request ID number on the package to protect the patron’s privacy.
  7. Staff put the packaged and labeled items on the pickup shelves in the inner vestibule of the library.
  8. Easy-to-see confirmation number labels are printed and taped to the edge of the pickup shelves, with the confirmation numbers matching the package ID numbers.
  9. Patrons are sent an email notifying them that their items are available for pickup and providing the package ID numbers. Emails are created via mail merge by using the Excel file for items to be picked up and a Word document that provides the email text. They are sent from the library’s delivery account.
  10. A staff person updates the Excel file to ensure documentation of fulfilled pickup requests (and also any requests that could not be fulfilled).


  • The vestibule is an accessible area between outside doors that are always unlocked and inner doors that are the main entrance, now locked due to the Library’s closing during the pandemic.
  • The pick-up shelves are wire shelving units on wheels which are moved from the vestibule into the library each evening. Book trucks can also be used.
  • If an item is not picked up, a few individual reminder emails can be sent if desired, using a draft email text with standard wording and adding details as needed.