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Buswell Delivery Service

This guide explains how our library provided remote service and library-owned materials to our campus students, staff, and faculty when the library was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have questions, please email

Process Items to be Mailed

What We’re Doing

Wheaton College students, faculty, and staff may request physical items from our circulating collections, to be mailed to their home address. As part of the process, the item is checked out to the patron as it normally would be if they were checking it out from the library building, and then it is mailed to the patron via UPS Ground Service.

How We’re Doing It

  1. The patron submits a request for a physical item using the online form. On the form, they indicate that they would like the item to be mailed to them, and they provide their mailing address.
  2. Requests are exported daily from the form submissions and processed by remote staff to Excel.
  3. A mail merge of Excel data with a request-slip template is used to generate one request/retrieval slip per request. The slips are printed out at the library.
  4. An onsite team member retrieves the requested items from the shelves. (Faculty requests for classes--with course numbers--are prioritized.) If necessary, any issues resulting from missing or unclear request information is subsequently resolved by communicating with the patrons via email.
  5. Items are checked out to the requesting patron and desensitized.
    1. The request slip is tucked inside.
    2. Another mail merge creates a label that is placed on the front of the item.
  6. Items are then packaged for mailing and weighed. Mailing labels are generated online through our institutional UPS CampusShip account and affixed to the packages. The library receives a significant discount through this institutional account, helping to minimize mailing costs.
  7. A UPS receipt is also generated with the mailing label. Staff track the cost of each package in Excel and file the paper receipts by date.
  8. Packages are taken to a local UPS Store on a daily basis for shipping.
  9. When the package is scanned in at UPS, the UPS system uses the email address provided by the library to notify the patron  and provides a tracking number for their package.
  10. The staff person updates the Excel file to ensure documentation of fulfilled mail item requests (and also any requests that could not be fulfilled).