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Intercultural Studies

It is difficult to recommended one database for finding resources in Intercultural Studies since many topics are cross-disciplinary.  

Whether you start with the "ALL" search, a specific database, or Google Scholar, the best research strategy is to use the iterative research process, where you perform multiple searches, refining your research criteria based on what you find.  Each iteration will take you closer to your desired goal. 

The "Researching an Interdisciplinary Topic" page provides specific research strategies.

View a sample search

Consider installing and using Zotero, software that you can use to organize your citations and help with writing and citing.

Resources to help you evaluate information you find:

Use the CRAAP Test for evaluating resources

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

Steps and Guidelines for effectively evaluating websites. (From UC-Berkeley)

Consult the Qualitative Research Guide

The Guide provides:

  • An overview of qualitative research including data collection techniques and data analysis.
  • How to use qualitative software like QDA Miner lite, easy to use software for coding and data analysis. 
    • QDA Miner lite is FREE "lite" version of a flagship product.  Although designed to run on a PC, you can use free software to create an app that will run on a MAC.  You will find installation information in the guide.
  • Other FREE software like Tams Analyzer, developed specifically for the MAC.  It is more difficult to learn than QDA Miner lite.

Consult these resources to help you write your literature review.

Short 3-minute video explaining how to synthesizing literature when writing a literature review

The Wheaton College writing center has resources to help you with writing and formatting your paper.

Zotero is a reference manager that can not only hell you organize your research resource but it can also help you with formatting in-text citations and your bibliography.

Citation style guides

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