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Wheaton's Guide to Research & the Library: Faculty Guide: Using the Tutorial in Schoology

Using the Library Tutorial in Schoology

Taking the Tutorial

  • The tutorial can be taken embedded in Schoology (as it appears when clicked), or it can be launched in a new window by clicking the green icon in the upper right. Both will correctly report the grade in the Schoology gradebook.


  • Students need to progress through the entire tutorial to receive a grade that will post in the Schoology Gradebook.
  • Students can stop the tutorial any time and resume right where they left off, as long as they are taking the tutorial within Schoology or are using the same computer and browser.
  • The tutorial will take most students between 45 and 90 minutes to complete.

Default Settings

  • The module is available to students for the entire semester.
  • Students can take the tutorial an unlimited number of times. The goal is for them to learn the concepts and pass.
  • Students need 70% on the tutorial to pass this component of the Advanced Integrative Seminar course.
  • Students can review the quiz on the final slide.

Printing their certificate

  • Students must print or save their completion certificate when they complete the tutorial so they don't need to retake the tutorial at a later date. To print or save, click the large "View, Save & Print Certificate" button on the final grade report of the tutorial.













  • Students will be prompted to enter their full name, and their certificate will display.
  • They should then click the "Print or Save this Certificate" button located on their certificate. This will open a print dialog box which will allow them to print to a Thundercloud printer or save their certificate as a PDF to be printed or emailed at a later date.
  • If a student attempts to return to the certificate after closing the certificate window, Schoology will assume that student is attempting to retake the tutorial, and will give them a score of zero unless they complete the entire tutorial again.